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Barnett Vengeance® Crossbow Package Shoots bolts up to 365 fps. Barnett’s first reverse-limb bow. Patented Carbon Riser Technology. One of the best balanced and most rugged crossbows produced by Barnett. Patented Carbon Riser Technology (CRT) reduces 43% of riser weight, shifting the balance point rearward for greater shooter comfort and control. Reverse-limb technology decreases axle-to-axle width for greater maneuverability, increased power stroke and bolt speeds to 365 fps. Aluminum flight track offers lightweight and rugged performance. Metal injection-molded trigger breaks at a crisp 3-1/2 lbs. Forearm sports a vertical grip for enhanced control. Speed: Up to 365 fps. Power stroke: 18". Draw weight: 160 lbs. Length: 34.75". Width: 23-1/2" relaxed. Weight: 8 lbs. Vengeance Package includes: crossbow, quiver, three bolts, 3x32 illuminated multireticle scope and rope cocking device.

Barnett Vengeance® Crossbow Package Carbon Black $849.00 with free shipping

Barnett Vengeance® Crossbow Package Camo $849.00 with free shipping




Barnett Ghost® 410 Crossbow Package
The all new Barnett Ghost with CRT (Carbon Riser Technology). Another pioneering first, Barnett has the only patent protected, ultralight, super strong Carbon riser available for Crossbows. The CRT Riser boasts an incredible 5 to 1 safety factor. Shooting scary fast arrow speeds, the Ghost also comes complete with Barnett's AVI technology molded over laminated limbs which reduces noise and vibration up to 30%. The Aluminum flight track, CROSSWIRE Strings, and Whiplash Cams also provides a smoother, faster, quieter, and more precise shot in a compact fit. With the ADF (Anti-Dry Fire) MIM (Metal Injection Molding) trigger system and 400 FPS speed the Ghost CRT is the crossbow to own! Power * Velocity 410FPS * Draw Weight 185LBS * Energy 151FT-LBS * Power Stroke 15.75IN Dimensions * Weight 7.8LBS * Length 38IN * Width 24IN * Arrow Length 22IN Package includes: Sling, Apex Quiver, Multi Toll Rope Cocker, 4 Bolts,
Illuminated 3x32 Scope.

Barnett Ghost® 410 Crossbow Package $849.00








BRN17031 Barnett Quad 400 & Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow Crank Device: Only 16 lbs of torque is needed crank & cock your Quad 400 Crossbow. String clamp assembly stores neatly out of your way underneath the scope mount. The crank handle can be quickly & easily attached to either the right or left side or can be removed. $89.00




BRN18032DX Barnett Quad 400 AVI Deluxe Packages: Barnett Quad 400 crossbow, 4X32mm Line Reticle Scope or Red Dot Scope, Quad 400 Crank or Rope Pull, Quick Detach Quiver, 10 Carbon Bolts, 6 Trilok Broadheads, Extra Quad 400 String, Extra Lube Wax, Tools, Accessory Box, & Deluxe Hardshell Padded Crossbow Case.

Or same as the above with Multi-Range 3-Dot Red Dot Sight (20 yards, 30 yards & 40 yards) & 7/8 scope mount adapter.

BRN18032DXP Barnett Quad 400 AVI Package Deluxe with Rope Pull Device $579.00


BRN18032DXC Barnett Quad 400 AVI Package Deluxe with Quad 400 Crank Device $729.00


BRN18071DXP Barnett Quad 400 AVI Package Deluxe with Rope Pull Device & Red Dot Scope $579.00


BRN18071DXC Barnett Quad 400 AVI Package Deluxe with Quad 400 Crank Device & Red Dot Scope $729.00


BRN18032DXPR Barnett Quad 400 AVI Package Deluxe with 3-Dot Red Dot Sight & Rope Pull Device $679.00


BRN18032DXCR Barnett Quad 400 AVI Package Deluxe with 3-Dot Red Dot Sight & Quad 400 Crank Device $779.00




BRN17057 Barnett PREDATOR/Revolution Crank Device: Installs easily & permanently attaches to the crossbow. Requires only 16 lbs of torque using the crank handle. Incorporates an anti-reverse gear. Does not interfere with shooting. For Revolution, Quad 300 & Rhino crossbows. Be sure to specifiy crossbow model when ordering. $118.00



BRN1031 & BRN18063 Barnett Panzer V Recurve Crossbow Package Dependable & responsive recurve limb design that pushes out bolts at 245 feet-per-second. And Barnett selected the red-dot scope and accessories to simplify startup. These crossbows have a contoured thumbhole stock for comfortable shooting, along with a 150-pound draw weight. The crossbow package comes with four-bolt quiver, four bolts, string and red-dot scope. Extra string also is available.

BRN18063 Barnett Panzer V Recurve Crossbow Package $179.00 with free shipping


Barnett Crossbow Peep Sight- front & back $39.00


BRN16089 Barnett 30mm Red Dot Sight The dot is powered by a 3V lithium battery mounted into the 11 position click rheostat which adjusts the brightness of the dot whenever necessary. The compact sight is also rugged. It is made of specially anodized aluminum, which makes it very light.




BRN17060 Barnett 4x32mm Crossbow Scope: Multi-reticle with wide range of view. Precise windage & elevation & adjustments. Rubber coated eyepiece & 5 point reticle. Waterproof & shock proof. Includes scope rings. $89.00.



BRN17014 Barnett Rope Pull Cocking Device: Reduces by 1/2 the effort needed to cock any crossbow. Wrist straps & rope pulling hooks. For Barnett crossbows $24.00




Barnett Carbon Arrows with Field Tips: Five arrow pack in 22 inch lengths. $29.00




Wasp™ Boss SST™ 100 Broadheads
881-684-00 3 BLADE 100 GRAIN 6 pack $39.00



NAP® HellRazor™ Broadheads
886-867-25 125 GRAIN 3 PACK

886-867-00 100 GRAIN 3 PACK $39.00


G5 Tekan™ II Broadheads
885-000-00 100 GRAIN 1-5/16'' CUTTING DIA. 3 PACK


885-000-25 125 GRAIN 1-5/16'' CUTTING DIA. 3 PACK 39.00


G5® Striker™ Broadheads
884-853-00 STRIKER BROADHEADS 100 GRAIN 3 PACK $39.00


884-853-25 STRIKER BROADHEADS 125 GRAIN 3 PACK $39.00


Tight Point Shuttle T-Lock Broadheads


886-309-25 T-LOCK BROADHEADS 125 GRAIN 1-3/16" CUTTING DIA. 3-PACK $39.00



New Archery Products™ Spitfire® XP Pro Broadheads




Grim Reaper RazorCut Broadheads

885-009-00 1-3/8" CUTTING DIAMETER 100-125 GR 3 pack $39.00



NEW Rage™ 3-Blade Expandable Broadheads



Arrowdynamic Solutions Guillotine Broadheads

886-748-00 GUILLOTINE BROADHEADS 100 GRAIN 3 pack $39.00


886-748-25 GUILLOTINE BROADHEADS 125 GRAIN 3 pack $39.00





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