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3000 anics skif Anics A3000 CO2 Semi-Auto Pellet Pistol

Desert Eagle CO2 Pistol

Desert Eagle CO2 Pistol Weight: 2.50 lbs Barrel Length:5.70" Overall Length: 10.80" Capacity: 8 round(s) Barrel: Rifled Front Sight: Blade and Ramp Rear Sight: Adjustable for windage Scopeable: Weaver mounts Trigger action: Double-action and single-action
Action: Semiautomatic Powerplant: CO2 Repeater: Repeater Blowback: Yes Shots Per Fill: 24 Body: Pistol CO2 pistol Semiauto
8-shot rotary mag Blowback Ambidextrous Rear sight adj for windage Fixed front sight Integral Weaver/Picatinny rails above & below barrel Double-/single-action Plastic frame & grips Barrel & internal parts are metal.

Desert Eagle CO2 Pistol .177 cal 425 ft/sec $179.00 with free shipping

Desert Eagle w/Walther PS22 Electronic Point Sight .177 cal 425 ft/sec $229.00 with free shipping




anics co2 pistol

Anics 28 Shot Pistol Repeater: Anics Skif A3000. The next generation of Air Power. A truly new type of CO2 Air Pistol that obtains velocities up to 525 fps and gets a minimum of 75 shots with one CO2 cartridge. Made in Russia, it has the feel and weight of a high-powered pistol with quality unsurpassed by western standards. Pellets/BB's are loaded into the 28 shot magazine, which fits into the grip of the pistol. The moving rifled steel barrel allows precision durability whether shooting lead, plastic, or steel pellets. The pistol can be cocked for precision single action shooting or double action for rapid firing. It has ambidextrous non-slip grips and is easily disassembled for cleaning. Sights are fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Available in black only. Caliber .177, 1.5 lbs. Comes with case, 28 shot magazine clip, tools and manual. R-A300B Black Slide

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00 Anics A3000 CO2 Semi-Auto Pellet Pistol 00 anics skif anics co2 p

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