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Aeron CZ-101 Spider
Competition direct-loading target pistol

The ACZ101 Spider pistol has all the features you would expect from a modern competition class single-shot pistol and fully complies with ISSF regulations of the "Air Pistol Event". This pistol has a number of adjustable componets to fit any shooter's specific needs.

The pistol comes packed in a plastic carry box and includes 2 pressure cartridges, filling adaptors and a set of tools.

Basic parameters Calibre: 4.5mm / .177"
Weight: 995g (without additional weight,10" barrel)
Barrel lenght: 210, 230, 254mm / 8" -10" (Lothar Walther)
Trigger: adjustable stop, weight, leght and tilt
Additional weight: 22g each, displaceable
Muzzle velocity: ~140ms-1 / 450fps
Shot energy: 4.7 J
Accuracy c-t-c (10m): < 2mm / < 0.079"
Energy source: 200bar compressed air filling from external pressure source
Grips: Wallnut anatomical grips, fully adjustable

Barrel and compensator
Precision Lothar Walther barrel calibre 4.5mm / .177" with 12 grooves and choking gives this pistol excelent performance. This barrel coupled with our compensator design gives you virtually unmesurable grouping at 10m.

Front and rear sights on the Spider are fully adjustable. Rear sights can be adjusted by micrometric screws horizontally and vertically with indexed screw positions. The width of the slot can be adjusted by turning the middle screw in a range from 2.9 to 3.8mm.

Front sights have a triangular profile, and by turning 120 degrees, the width is adjusted in steps of 3.5, 4.2 and 5mm. The length of the sight can be shortened by 20mm moving the front sight holder on the compensator.

Front sight width: a=3.5mm, b=4.5mm, c=5mm

The two stage trigger will let you fully adjust the travel of the first stage, total travel and the weight of both first and second stage independently. The trigger possition can also be adjusted to fit your finger length.

The trigger has a safety feature which can also be used for dry-fire training.

The wallnut anatomical grip will fit any hand thanks to the adjustable palm rest. It comes in 3 sizes and for both the right and left hand. The grip can be tilted back and forth by 15 degrees and can also be rotated by 5 degrees.

Aeron CZ-101 Spider Competition direct-loading target pistol with free shipping $1249.00





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