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Browning Illusion Bow brings you the ultimate combination of smooth draw, quiet shooting, low recoil, forgiving geometry and fast arrow delivery. Never before has one bow possessed so many sweet shooting qualities.

With an IBO speed range of 305 to 313 fps, the Illusion is surprisingly fast considering its silky smooth draw cycle. The new Trance single-cam makes this possible. The cam also has four inches of draw length adjustment without the need for a bow press.

It has a comfortable 80% effective letoff (adjustable to 65%) and a solid back wall. When combined with the Illusion's 4 1/2 inch diameter idler wheel, the Trance cam produces equal tiller measurements and level nock travel. The Illusion's brace height is a forgiving 7 1/2 inches.

Shoot the Illusion and experience the pair of 12 1/2 inch limbs that are nearly parallel at full draw. This allows their forces to cancel for a very soft and comfortable feel. The bow just stands there, perfectly balanced while the arrow streaks forward.

Top Gun String Recoil Suppressor (SRS) System stops the string from vibrating after the shot. Browning Archery's ImpacStop limb pocket inserts further eliminate vibration and noise during the shot by isolating the riser from the limbs.




Browning Tornado Combo:
The discerning bowhunter will appreciate the Tornado for its forgiving design, adjustability and dependable performance. When the pressure is on in a critical hunting situation or competitive event the Tornado™ will deliver. The ergonomically designed moderately reflex machined riser with one-piece logo grip is a strong stable foundation for Contour XP limbs and the Cyber 5™ cam system. Cast-machined aluminum limb pockets with locking limb bolt cylinders ensure positive limb-to-riser alignment and consistent weight settings.
Features & Benefits
Riser: Formcast Machined Aluminum riser. Machined for the ultimate in looks and performance. Dual arrow rest mounts, 2 piece quiver mounts, and a ergonomic rubber/wood composite grip. This riser was designed for lightweight, maneuverability, low deflection and reduced recoil.
Limbs: Contour XP limbs.- Provide exceptional combination of durability, stability, accuracy, and speed.
Cams: Cyber 5 Cams- Provides a full 5” of draw length adjustment in ½” increments and let-off changes from 65% to 75% without the need for a bow press. Four Browning patents.
String: DynaFlite – Durable material with minimal stretch for more consistent sight settings.
Other: Machined aluminum limb pockets – Provide a solid fit and eliminates limb movement. Carbon cable guard rod for decreased weight and reduced friction.

Combo Includes
Fiber optic sight with three metal pins
TL Quiver
TM Hunter arrow rest
Braided sling
4.5" tapered stabilizer
Wheel Peep sight
Whisper string silencers
Nock-set, installed at factory

Browning Ambush XB Combo: Combines high-end components like a machined aluminum riser, Contour XP limbs, and a high performance Ignitor 3™ One cam for let-off, accuracy, speed, and a smooth draw cycle. If you want this bow in a combo, call or email us!
Features & Benefits
Riser: Machined Aluminum riser- for the ultimate in looks and performance. Dual arrow rest mounts, 2 piece quiver mounts, and an ergonomic rubber grip with wooden insert. Designed for lightweight, maneuverability, low deflection and straightness.
Limbs: Contour XP limbs- Provide exceptional combination of durability, stability, accuracy, and speed.
Cams: Ignitor 3 One cam- 3" of draw length adjustment in 1/2" increments. The Ignitor 3 One cam has been design for let-off, accuracy, speed, and a smooth draw cycle. 80% let-off.
String: Dyna 97 string & 450-Plus buss cables. - Durable material with minimal stretch for more consistent sight settings.
IBO Speed 280 f.p.s.
Let-off 75%
Brace Height 7 3/4"
Axle-to-Axle Length 36"
Mass Weight 3.9 lbs

Discontinued & out of stock.


Browning Micro Midas 3 Combo: is the industry’s most adjustable Micro Class two cam bow. Micro Class bowhunters (small stature men, teenagers, women, and youth) will enjoy a full 6”of draw length adjustment, Micro Class overall bow proportions, and a lightweight riser design. The Micro Midas 2’s exceptional 6” draw length and 15 lbs. of adjustment range allows the bow to grow with the Micro Class bow hunter. (Browning Patented) growth insurance provided.

Riser: Aluminum Micro Riser has been meticulously proportioned for the micro class shooter and covered with a black powder coat finish. Designed for an ergonomic feel and look, lightweight, and maneuverability. Arrow rest mount, 2 piece quiver mounts, and comfortable formed grip.
Limbs: Taperflex limb design – Designed for reliability, consistency, and accuracy. New “Taper” design provides sleek styling and reduces the mass weight of the limb for added performance.
Cams: Micro Max 10™ Cam - provide and incredible 10” of draw length adjustability with a full 70% let-off and increased performance. The Micro-Max cams grow with the archer for years of enjoyment.

String: Dynaflyte 97™ – Strong, reliable, durable, and fast. Black string and buss cable material.
Adjustability: Adjust draw length over 10 ” range without a bow press: 18”- 28”.

Combo Includes:
Lightning™ Sight with three fiber optic pins
2-piece four-arrow black quiver with adjustable grippers
Three 26" Micro Bullet™ arrows
Molded Side-pressure arrow rest
Nock Set

IBO Speed: 275 f.p.s.
Let-off: 70%
Brace Height: 6 1/4"
Axle-to-Axle Length: 32"
Mass Weight: 2.6 lbs



Browning Rage Combo: Browning's Rage™ bow gives you speed and an incredible 10" draw-length adjustment range. Browning's Hyper Max 10™ cam system offers an expansive 10" of draw length adjustment for a custom fit with virtually any archer. Each cam adjustment is easily made with a single screw and quick turn of the patented inner cam, all without the use of a bow press. It has a lightweight machined-aluminum riser. Durable Contour XP limbs provide a terrific combination of durability, stability, accuracy and speed. It has a comfortable one-piece molded grip with logo insert. Low-stretch Dynaflite™ string and 450 Plus cables.

The Rage Kit includes: bow, Lightning™ Sight with three fiber-optic pins, two-piece four-arrow quiver, TM Hunter arrow rest,
4-1/2" stabilizer, nylon sling, peep sight and nock set.


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